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Advertising Agency Insider: What It’s Really Like

Advertising Agency Insider: What It’s Really Like

You’ve seen the movies and TV shows – sleek offices, ping pong tables, creative geniuses casually sipping flat whites while dreaming up the next big idea. But what goes on inside an advertising agency? As someone who’s worked at a few, let me give you the unvarnished truth…

It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

Working at an advertising agency can be a blast – the people are fun, the work is creative and varied, and you can make extraordinary stuff for significant brands. Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into an exciting new brief?

But it’s also incredibly demanding. Constant deadlines, endless amends, fussy clients…you’ll end up living at the office some weeks just to get everything done. If you’re not prepared to regularly pull all-nighters, advertising probably isn’t for you.

Things Move at Lightning Speed

One minute, you’re working on a flashy new digital campaign; the next, you’re scrambling to churn out print ads for an unexpected new business pitch. Or both at once – because multitasking is essential.

Agencies thrive on adrenaline and last-minute madness. You have to be able to think fast, act fast, and create brilliant work at breakneck speed. What may have taken weeks in another industry has to be done by tomorrow.

That pressure cooker environment isn’t for everyone. But I find it exhilarating – there’s nothing quite like the buzz of nailing a big pitch or seeing your latest ad go live.

The Pitching Game is Brutal

Speaking of pitches…get ready for some serious rollercoaster rides. One month, you’re celebrating landing a fat new account. The next, you’re devastated after being knocked out of an epic 6-way pitch process.

Pitching is the lifeblood of agencies, but it’s also utterly draining. You’ll spend months preparing, working weekends, stressing over minor details, and delivering rehearsed lines, only for the client to go in a different direction.

The wins make it all worthwhile. But the losses sting – especially when you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into a pitch for a brand you’re genuinely passionate about.

There’s No “Typical Day”

People always ask what a “typical day” is like in an advertising agency. The truth? There’s no such thing!

Mornings Are Madness…

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Some days kick off with a lively 9 am briefing to get everyone aligned on the latest project status. The Client Services lead briefs the creative teams on a hot new brief that just landed. The social team gets cracking on punchy launch posts—designers mock-up initial visuals.

Things move at warp speed from the get-go, with a flurry of meetings, calls, screenshares, feedback amends and rallying cries of “We need this turned around by 3 pm!”. Cue a hasty lunch scoffed at desks amid inbox-battering.

The Afternoon Swirl

By late afternoon, the “big room” (where all the creatives hot bunk) is buzzing with a hypnotic blend of laptop tapping, frantic scribbling, and the shuffling of Post-It notes as ideas get pulled apart and reassembled.

Around 5 pm, the early team members start trickling out…but that’s just the start of the grind for others. Some nights, it’ll be heads-down until 2 am as impossible deadlines loom.

Maybe there’s a client town hall or video Village Hall shoot to prep—or vast tomes of copy and design visuals that need meticulous finishing. Energy drinks become essential fuel.

Insane Evenings

You know you’re a lifer when holing up in a creative suite for a 36-hour pitch crafting frenzy feels…pretty standard. Blood/sweat/tears get soaked into the agency’s very walls.

But when does that Herculean effort nail the pitch? Sheer euphoria. Nothing beats the unbridled glee of your hot new campaign going viral or seeing megawatt smiles on the client’s faces.

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It’s Not ALL Chaos…

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Of course, not every week is operating at Defcon 1 levels of mania. There are calmer spells for regrouping and chipping away at more significant projects with more breathing room.

These are the golden windows for tending to niggling admin, finally clearing that backlog of emails, or getting stuck into meatier tasks like brand workshops, audits and extensive creative conceptualization sessions.

A Place of Creative Camaraderie

One of the biggest joys of agency life is being surrounded by like-minded, ingeniously creative folk. A few other workplaces pack raw talent per square foot.

You’ve got designers who can whip up jaw-dropping visual campaigns from the most mundane product ranges—writers who spin drab service offerings into compelling poetry. Niche geniuses obsessed with disciplines like semiotics and sonic branding.

Working in such a fervid, creative sweatshop sparks incredible camaraderie. Yes, tensions and meltdowns happen when the going gets tough. But there’s also tremendous mutual respect and everyone sharing duties as a squad.

That quirky, energetic culture breeds fierce agency pride and loyalty. Long after people move on, the shared grind forms lasting bonds. I regularly get nostalgic pangs about past agency haunts!

The Juggernaut Clients

Every agency has 1-2 blue-chip megabrands that are the crown jewels. Landing one is a matter of professional life/death – they immediately elevate your agency to a new level.

These cash cow accounts come with enormous responsibilities and expectations. Botch their flagship work, and it could sink the whole company. The pressure involved makes pitching for them borderline traumatic.

But my god, what a thrill it is to land them! I’ve been involved in juggernaut wins – like getting to lead global brand campaigns for Premier League football clubs or tech titans. That buzz is unmatched.

There’s unparalleled creative scope and an infinite budget to push boundaries and make advertising history: high risk, high reward.

The Best (and Worst) Clients

Given how intimately you collaborate with clients, the relationships are make-or-break for any agency. They run the full spectrum from dream teamwork to utter nightmares.

The Decent, Trusting Sort

In a perfect world, you’ll get proactive clients who buy into your big creative visions and just let you run with them. They trust your expertise, push back judiciously, and leave room for you to flex your creative freedom.

With these clients, you’re all pulling in the same direction as true partners sharing successes. They understand great work takes time, muddling through ideas – not just barking demands from above.

The Micromanaging Monsters

Then you get the micromanaging tyrants who suck the life out of everything with their cascades of whinging amends and ill-advised “suggestions” that undermine the entire creative premise.

I’ve had statistic-obsessed clients arbitrarily request 38% more smiles in a photoshoot or painfully dissect the positioning of each grain of salt on a burger visual. These horror stories are sadly commonplace.

Having to say “yes” to every tiny request soon strangles the creative juices out of any campaign. It leaves the team deflated, bored, and yearning for those golden clients who just get “it”. Working with the wrong client is utter misery.

The Wacky Wonders of Working Life

Although agency life is exhilarating, it also has doses of the utterly bizarre and unexpected. The stuff you could never make up!

There was the time our agency rallied a crack team overnight to prod nine live pigs for a walk-on role in a new TV ad. Don’t ask…

Or that unforgettable pitch where we spent £25,000 recreating a high street’s worth of shop interiors in an aircraft hangar, only for the client to demand a dine-in Nando’s be built too. So we did – everything but the chickens.

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After making a cringe-worthy error in our press photography for a launch stunt, one of our execs hastily changed their LinkedIn pic to a zoo gorilla to avoid links to the blunder. That image stuck around for months.

The war stories go on and on. Like any rollercoaster career, advertising agency life oscillates between insane highs and rock bottoms. But you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Getting Hired Ain’t Easy

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The recruitment process can seem more convoluted, with agency jobs being coveted more than applying for MI5. It’s brutally competitive.

First, your CV best showcases some standout work from previous roles or nifty side projects. No matter your discipline, agencies want portfolios dripping in creative moxie.

Then comes the exhausting gauntlet of interviews/chemistry meets/paid pencil-for-hire assignments to put your skills through the wringer. It’s like trying to impress 20 people on 20 Tinder dates simultaneously.

If you survive that, there’ll likely be a cheery “welcome drinks” procession to test your social mettle and meshing with the general lairiness. Letting hair down away from the office reveals a lot.

Finally, when the contract gets sent over, you’ll enter a period of burnished cockiness before attending a lavish dept “onboarding” event with the total new hire intake. Cue more bottomless booze, anecdote trading, karaoke wildness and a VERY thick head the following day.

Peculiar Personality Types

Look around any agency office, and distinct personality ‘types’ soon emerge that you just don’t get elsewhere:

  • The Paul Arden Disciple: Fiercely cerebral, constantly theorizing about abstract creative philosophies and contrarian thinking. Their desk is towering piles of Damien Hirst anthologies and pretentious literary/art tomes—also sports avant-garde facial topiary.
  • The Millennial Mad Man: Just about old enough to hark back to the 90s glory days of chain-smoking in strip-lit lounges, this old-school ad-chancer thrives on bluster and legendary booze mythology. Permanently sarcastic and cynical towards “all this digital shite”.
  • The Edgelord: Cross between a guerrilla artist, renegade rapper and homeless skatepark lurker. Policies and conventional ways of working are blatantly disregarded in their pursuit of ‘authentic’ cultural credibility. Permanently clad in streetwear and statement jewellery.
  • The Met Office Gal: The glowing centre of positive energy in the agency, like a human ray of sunshine. Brightens everyone’s day and knows everyone’s birthdays/kids’ names—also an appalling flirt and preternaturally upbeat even when delivering the grimmest client feedback.
  • The Tortured Copywriter: Looks like they crawled out of a hedge. Subsists entirely on flat whites, Marlboro reds and spliffs. Endlessly recite old Hovis ad lines under their breath while trying to self-actualize through the sheer torment of finding ‘the words’.

Collectively, this hilarious motley crew not only creates the magic but also provides constant background entertainment!

How to Hack Agency Life Like a Boss

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While the wild ride of agency life can’t be fully replicated elsewhere, you can pimp your productivity hacks to squeeze extra juice from the chaos:

1) Insist on focus time: Guard a sacrosanct morning window for undisturbed Deep Work on meaty tasks before the daily tumult erupts. Hit every Iceland playlist, and close those emails.

2) Sign up for Time Etc: Or whatever subscription task service your agency uses to outsource drudgery like proofreading, rubbish admin or even Christmas card writing: delegate, delegate, delegate.

3) Master the efficiency apps: Crank up your agency arsenal with tools like Superhuman for slaying emails, Dark Reader for kinder screen viewing, Paste for insane clipboard optimisation, etc.

4) Claim the best spaces: Cosy in those quiet, multi-purpose project room booths or nab an aircon-blasted basement studio for your hot-housing think sessions.

5) Carve roles mindfully: Unofficial roles can quickly take over in the melee. So decide early what your actual ‘day job’ will be – and what hat you’ll wear for other duties (ideation, facilitation, mentoring etc).

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6) Schedule sanity practices: Book gym/yoga/massage slots in your diary religiously. Get that daily mindfulness routine and eat from those free agency snack boxes, too.

7) Harness fixer-uppers: Get tight with the office managers, recruiters and other overlooked agency ninjas. These glue people are the natural go-to grease that oils the agency’s wheels.

8) Pay it forward: That new starter will be you one day. So help others get embedded quickly, add them to all those niche Slack channels, and let them bask in your insider knowledge. Good karma pays off.

With the above agency life hacks dialled in, you’ll have mastered a sustainable, 360-degree approach to staying productive amid the controlled tornado. Now go forth and prosper in the madhouse…


Agency life is a relentless rollercoaster like no other. There’s no “average” day or week – the peaks and troughs keep you endlessly riding those loops, never quite sure what jarring turn is coming next.

It’s both a seductive and utterly draining environment to work in—one where you constantly question whether the brief flashes of sheer creative joy are worth the interminable grinds.

But when you nail that next big client, concoct a viral campaign hitting all the right notes, or savour those after-work bonding moments…you soon remember precisely why this madness remains so addictive.

Love it or loathe it, the agency world harbours its peculiar breed of character. If the anarchic vibe and creative comradery click with you, there’s no workplace quite like it for feverishly talented ambition.

Just expect a challenging ride. Strap in and hold tight because the agency journey is permanently laced with adrenaline, chaos and relentless reinvention. That’s how we like it.


What’s the work culture really like inside ad agencies?

The culture is best described as creative chaos! Agency life moves at lightning speed and can feel like a pressure cooker with tight deadlines. But it’s hugely exciting, and the team camaraderie is fantastic.

What essential qualities do you need to thrive at an advertising agency?

Resilience, adaptability, stamina, and managing stress well are vital. You have to be able to juggle many projects at once and create great work very quickly. But most of all, an endless stream of fresh ideas is crucial.

Do recruits get any special treatment?

Sort of! Once hired, you’ll likely be part of a glitzy “onboarding” intake event with boozy team bonding, intro training sessions, karaoke, etc. Don’t be too hungover on day one!

What are typical roles and salaries inside the agency?

Key roles include creatives like art directors, copywriters and designers, account management/client services, strategists, producers, etc. Graduates can start around £25k, rising to £40k after some experience. Top executive/director roles pay £100k+.

Are internships valuable for getting into ad agencies?

Completing internships at respected agencies is essential if you want a foot in the door after graduating. It’s an ultra-competitive field, so highlighting your passion and skills early is crucial.

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