What is Brand Positioning and Why is it Important?

what is brand positioning

What is Brand Positioning and Why is it Important?

It is the act of consciously creating brand awareness and positioning your brand to promote your brand in front of your target market. 

It refers to a specific set of tactics and strategies that are put into place to maximize the brand visibility and prominence among your target audience. 

Brand positioning can increase your sales, help you acquire new customers, and significantly improve your company’s reputation. 

Positioning is essential for companies because their success is based on the success of their brand.

Why is Brand Positioning important? 

why is positioning your brand important

A strong brand gives customers a clear idea about what kind of products or services your company provides. 

This means that you must carefully create your brand message. 

Once you have determined your brand essence’s main ideas, you can quickly identify your campaign’s different parts. 

You will then be able to determine how you should present them to make them appealing to your target audience.

Creating a strong brand identity is very important.

Customers want to be able to identify with your company. 

If you create a strong brand essence, then this can easily be realized by your customers. 

Your competitors may be doing all kinds of things, but if you position your company in a unique way that others have not done, you have a considerable advantage. 

When your customers see your products and services being offered in a way that others have not, they will automatically become more loyal to you.

What is a brand positioning statement? 

what is a brand positioning statement

A positioning statement is an explanation of what your brand is all about. 

In the past, a positioning statement was created for each product. 

Today, this has been transformed into a 15 criterion description that captures each of your products and services’ essence. 

Companies have many of these statements because they are useful in promoting their product or service.

Brand positioning statements describe your product or service in an exciting and informative way. 

This is the essence of what is brand positioning. 

If you have a well-established product or service and has a reputation for providing a certain level of quality, you do not need to create a positioning statement. 

You have already done that.

On the other hand, when you start to create a positioning statement, you will need to do so because you want to give some unique value to your company. 

In addition to uniquely positioning your product or service, you will also need to give it some additional values. 

For example, if you own a company that sells a particular kind of cleaning detergent, you will probably want to position yourself as a cleaning detergent specialist. 

Your brand positioning statement will tell your customers how you can benefit them in specific situations. 

write a brand positioning statement

Just like your brand positioning statement for your product, the positioning statement for your brand should tell your customers how they can benefit from your products and services. 

It would help if you positioned your brand so that your customers see you as an expert in a particular area.

It is increasingly crucial for a company to position itself as an expert in their field. 

This is why positioning is of such importance. 

With more companies opening up and competing with one another, there is a growing need for businesses to differentiate themselves to attract customers’ attention. 

It has become increasingly crucial for a company to position itself as an expert to provide customers value. 

The brand essence is what allows a business to position itself as an expert.

One way to position your brand positioning strategy is to write down a list of things that your company is known for doing. 

Start by writing down all of your competitors. 

From there, brainstorm a list of things that your business is known for doing. 

From there, create a brand positioning strategy on which you will build your business around.

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