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Madsen West

The Madsen West is a newly-established, boutique hotel in Houston, TX.

“We want to symbolize luxury, without the excessive prices associated with other hotels” was the opening to the brief from partner, Elliott Madsen.

We developed a monogram based upon the partner’s initials, further backed with a floral pattern and rounded typeface for branding. The gold and purple hues consistently represent variations of charm, confidence, luxury, and imagination.

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Madsen West Banner Design
Madsen West Hotel Branding Dallas Design Co
madsen west logo design branding
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"The sophisticated designs have received incredibly positive feedback from key stakeholders. The Dallas Design Co identifies and solves problems quickly and responds equally as promptly in all other aspects. Their quality deliverables and can-do attitudes contribute to the over-all pleasant experience of working with them."
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Elliott Madsen
Madsen West
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